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Our attorneys have extensive expertise and experience in the characterization and distribution of complex business interests. We are specialists in handling a wide range of business issues, including business ownership, start-up valuation and allocation, venture capital interests, professional practices, real estate holdings and intellectual property. 

Business Valuation

Business valuation in divorce is a complex field with many challenging issues affecting the division of marital assets. Handling these issues requires expertise in California’s complex property valuation laws, accounting principles and regulatory standards, as well as familiarity with complex private equity, tax and technology issues. Our attorneys have broad experience in successfully handling these complex issues, with an emphasis on resolving complex cases at the early stages without the need for litigation. 

Appreciation of Separate Property

When a spouse brings a business interest into the marriage, that business interest is the separate property of the spouse-owner. A natural increase in the value of that business due to market conditions or other external factors is likewise the separate property of the spouse-owner. However, if the appreciation in value is due in part to the efforts of the owner-spouse, the other spouse may claim a community interest in that appreciation. Our attorneys are specialists in handling the complicated issues involved in allocating and valuing these competing ownership interests. We understand that these complex issues require specialized knowledge and experience, so that our clients will be thoroughly prepared for settlement negotiations or litigation, if necessary. 

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