Unbundled Legal Services

Legal "Coaching" for Your Case

Our law firm provides unbundled legal services to clients who prefer to handle some or all of the case themselves, with the assistance of our experienced attorneys and professionals. This allows clients to exert greater control over their cases and facilitates more direct communications with the other side. This approach generally results in a 75% cost savings without the need for a traditional retainer arrangement.

Under this arrangement, the client will work with one or more of our attorneys to obtain legal advice, assistance with document preparation and limited scope representation in court as needed. In some cases, the attorney will “ghostwrite” the court documents to facilitate the client’s handling of his or her own case in court.

Often, a client who chooses unbundled legal services will use online legal technology to help prepare court documents. Our affiliated EZ Disso® form builder provides an ideal solution for clients who want to create their own court papers for filing. Our attorneys created EZ Disso® as a resource for clients who are using unbundled legal services or who are entirely self-represented.

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