Mediation and ADR

Choosing the Right ADR Method

Next Legal® offers a full range of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services, including mediation, collaborative law and private case resolution. ADR is a good alternative when both parties can agree that a private settlement process will be preferable to a contested court case. Our experienced attorneys will help you select the right ADR method for the successful resolution of your case.

Mediation is a process under which both sides negotiate a settlement with the assistance of a neutral mediator. Collaborative law is a similar process used in complex cases, in which both parties and their attorneys engage in step-by-step negotiations, often with the assistance of a private accountant or other consultant. By contrast, private case resolution involves the appointment of a private judge who will hear and decide the case, without the need for negotiations. 

We offer these ADR services in two different formats, depending on the exact needs of your case. First, we offer attorney-represented ADR services, in which one or more of our attorneys will represent in your mediation, collaborative law or private case resolution. Under this approach, our legal team will represent you through the ADR process, acting as your advisor, advocate and negotiator.

Second, as an alternative, our affiliated InstaCourt® service allows you to directly retain a mediator or private judge, without the need for attorney representation. For clients who choose this approach, they will deal directly with the mediator or private judge on a self-represented basis. This is often a good approach with less complicated cases where the client simply needs a neutral professional to act either as mediator or private judge.

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