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The experienced attorneys at Next Legal® provide a full range of legal representation, from case filing, court hearings, discovery, settlement negotiations and trial. We recognize that each case is different and take a customized “listen first” approach to best serve our clients. This involves understanding every client’s goals, needs and concerns, as well as the facts, issues and best strategies for their case.

We understand that, by being prepared for success in the courtroom, cases can be resolved early without the time and expense of court  litigation. Our attorneys have decades of experience in court trials, allowing us to efficiently resolve cases at the early stages. Our experience in domestic litigation includes child custody, child support, spousal support, property characterization and division, business valuation, separate property tracing and restraining orders.

Deciding whether your case is likely to need attorney representation in court can be complicated. Let us help you evaluate whether you may need courtroom representation. More than 95% of family law cases are settled out of court. The 5% of cases that do get resolved through trial typically involve a party who is unreasonable, irrational or avoidant. In order to get a case like this resolved without lengthy delays and disproportionate costs, it is important to fully develop early resolution strategies through early court disposition procedures that create leverage for settlement.

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